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My company is struggling with the many changes since the release of the TRC's Calls to Action in 2015. Can you help us stay relevant?

Our consulting services are geared towards working in alignment of the Truth and Reconciliation's 94 Calls to Action, the United Nation's Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People's and the Report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples and the most recently released recommendations of the National Inquiry into Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls & Two Spirit people. Tammy G Wolfe consulting stands strongly in alignment of the recommendations made within these documents and will help guide your business to successfully integrate a variety of approaches within your company. We work to build stronger relationship with and for Indigenous peoples, as well as teach truth in the workplace to better support reconciliation.

How do I know that Tammy G Wolfe Consulting Inc. is the right consulting agency for me?

The consulting services we provide specialize in Indigenous cultural education service options, as well as individual small, large and corporate business consulting. We have years of experience that have equipped us with not only passion, drive and versatility but quality and efficiency within any workplace. We have diversified skills in management, administrative, digital communication and computers, as well as extensive experience supporting, facilitating and working with and for Indigenous peoples. We serve clients interested in expanding their businesses and knowledge of Indigenous history, current issues, culture and working towards furthering truth and reconciliation within their workplace. Our services are satisfaction guaranteed!! 

How do you customize your services to meet the needs of my company?

Tammy G Wolfe Consulting utilizes both  western academic education, as well as traditional Indigenous knowledge and lived experience which help to build a strong foundation and balance, in order to create a large impact within your business. We have substantial experience working in a multitude of fields to better understand how to identify and support your needs and efficiently complete the work that you need to optimize your business. We build relationships to work closely in partnership with you to customize and align our services to better achieve your desired outcomes. Our services are satisfaction guaranteed based on our experience with past clients. We have a wide range of supports that are  available to meet your unique needs and overcome any challenges.

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