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The Medicine Wheel

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

The medicine wheel has been a large part of Indigenous culture for decades and gives voice to Indigenous ways of knowing. Indigenous ways of knowing is the way in which Indigenous peoples have come to know the world, through our traditions, history, identity, culture and world view.

This way of understanding the world has shaped the use and implementation of the medicine wheel to be used for a variety of different ways in order to suit many different needs. Because this model is so diverse, Tammy G Wolfe Consulting utilizes it in many different aspects of our work. The medicine wheel is a beneficial and informative tool in which to transform the workplace through understanding.

The medicine wheel represents the circle of life, holistic methods of healing, the aspects of physical, mental, emotional and spirit, as well as both our individual and collective relationality and inclusivity of one another.

Truth is found through these understandings..

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